Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen Introduction

Circular vibrating screen is the most advanced design for screening fine, wet, light and difficult materials. The unique feature is its high capacity yet requires lesser power and can be easily stored in minimum space. The screen contains a unique multi-directional vibration system including anti-blinding arrangement. The material is fed from the top portion and is collected from outlets of various decks. Depending upon customer’s requirement, we can provide atomized motorized brush system on the top of the screen to eliminate chocking.

Vibrating Screen Advantages
  • Large size particles are automatically discharged
  • Higher capacity per unit of screening area
  • Long life with sales compensation screen tension
  • Minimum screen blinding & low power consumption
  • Cleaning machine is easy compared to conventional screens
  • Requires minimum attention operator’s
Models Available

Eight models of single and multi deck “Vibrating Screen” are available:

S-600 mm Dia S-1500 mm Dia
S-750 mm Dia S-1800 mm Dia
S-900 mm Dia S-2100 mm Dia
S-1200 mm Dia S-2400 mm Dia

Tea Sorter

Tea Sorter Introduction

Tea Sorters are created using high quality materials in compliance with the international standards. There are several sizes available and Tea Sorters can be customized as per the client’s needs.

Tea Sorter Advantages
  • The tea can be graded to the expected levels, and is discharged from the Vibrating Screens automatically
  • There is no loss of bloom on shifting due to minimum manual intervention
  • As re-screening is not necessary, it aids in minimum Tea handling
  • Machine can be cleaned very easily as compared to conventional screens
  • The downtime of the machine is very less since there is minimum maintenance

Central Discharge Vibrating Screen

Central Discharge Vibrating Screen

Whenever there is a space constraint and the particle size is minimum, central discharge machine is used for online screening.

Vaccum Shifter

Vaccum Shifter Introduction

Vacuum shifter is specially created for pharmaceutical companies for whom screening needs to be done under vacuum.

Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machine

Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machine Introduction

Vibrating tumbler screening machine prevents destruction of fine particles due to gentle screening. The machine controls screening capacity and optimizes screening efficiency.

The tumbler screening machine is used for special applications where the particle size for separation are to be controlled within a specific range.

Tubular Centrifuge

Tubular Centrifuge Introduction

Tubular centrifuges works on high speed separation and are used primarily for the continuous separation of liquids from liquids or from very fine particles, essentially to separate two immiscible liquids of different densities.

We provide wide range of Tubular Centrifuge offering high speed separation capacity and clarification. They are also used to separate small quantity of impurities from the liquid.

Tubular centrifuge is used across industries such as Chemical, Food, Pharma, Edible Oil, Gum Clarification, Printing Ink, Paint and Beverage.

Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Separators Introduction

The Magnetic Separator are made up of magnet elements fitted inside a frame. The Hopper Magnet prevents iron particles from entering the injection barrel, damaging screws, dies, etc. Hopper Magnets are encased in stainless steel construction and assembled with magnetic tube. The overall construction of the Magnetic Grill can also be made as per the customer specification and sizes.

The magnets attract the iron particles and are trapped over the surface of the element as the material flows through the Magnetic Grill. The trapped material is then manually removed after removing the Magnetic Grill. If there is a self cleaning mechanism, iron particles are trapped over the extra sleeve provided and get released soon as the elements are pushed out of the sleeves.

Ultra Sonic Vibrator

Ultra Sonic Vibrating System

The whole mesh is vibrated at a very high frequency that helps separate the embedded particles gently without damaging the mesh or the product. The ultrasonic anti-blinding system consists of an ultrasonic vibration generation and an ultrasonic transducer.

Ultrasonic vibration system can improve production capacity by 3 to 5 times compared to the conventional system. It reduces production downtime and requires a lower frequency of mesh cleaning.

Industrial Chopper Grinder

Industrial Chopper Grinder

We provide four types of Industrial Chopper Grinders: 1) Chopper cum Grinder which is used for making complete feeds for cattle. 2) Chipper cum Grinder, useful for making pulp, input feed material for boilers, etc, while also chipping and cutting twigs and branches. 3) Shredder Machine, used in cattle feed, poultry feed, and cutting raw material. 4) Expander Extruder used in cattle feed industry.

Industrial Conveyors

Industrial Conveyors Introduction

Industrial conveyors are a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that facilitates material movement from one location to another. Conveyors allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials, due to which they are popular in the material handling and packaging industries.

We manufacture and supply industrial conveyors as per client’s requirement for wide range of industries. Our products, available as Inclined Screw Conveyor and Vertical Screw Conveyor, are durable and are valued for their easy installation and hassle-free operation.