Great quality epoxy or weld mounted screens–all mesh available. All screens include a new gasket. Sizes 18” to 72” available. Competitive prices and service, generally in a week or less. One to two-day service available when needed as well. An extra screen on hand is your insurance policy to keep your unit operating without “down time”.


We provide following types of machines based on your requirement. Vibrating Screen Tea Sorter Central Discharge Vibrating Screen Vacuum Shifter Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machine Tubular Centrifuge Industrial Conveyors Magnetic Separators Ultra Sonic Vibrating System Industrial Chopper Grinder


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Hundreds of Parts in Stock Springs and Spools Clamp Rings Gaskets Self Cleaning Kits Frames and Cover assemblies Motors and counter weights All parts available in following sizes: 18", 24", 30", 40", 48" and 60"